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Website Designs That Drive Sales

Your business website should be more than a pretty brochure! It needs to act as a growth tool for your business by being easy to navigate and transforms all visitors into leads and sales oppourtunities!

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    Analyicial & Data Driven Design Process

    By understanding your visitors search, messaging and conversion patters we can make designs more effective

    Defining Your Website Purpose

    We are somewhat obsessive when it comes to research and review of the analytics and metrics that help organizations achieve their core business goals in the digital space. 

    A business website needs to be more than just a few pages about the service or product being provided. 

    Sure, it’s nice when there is a lot of visitors on your site, but if only 1% of them call, email or engage with you then its really not pulling it’s weight.

    That’s where a website design that actually makes an impact on sales and lead generation from CU Marketing comes in!

    Whether you are a brand new restaurant in the area, or an international hotel chain, the same fundamental principals apply.

    It’s just a matter of adjusting the funnel requirements. 

    Improve Website Conversion Rates

    Put simply, the goal of your new website will be conversions. Be it via a contact form, phone call or walk in, being able to track and measure these metrics is key.

    CU Marketing is about helping organizations achieve their business goals and during the website design process we gather data on current performance as well research competitors to identify opportunities in the current customer experience.

    Bottom line is, building a website that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is what we do. We can help guide you to know which type of sales funnel is best for your business.

      We work with you to determine business benchmarks and define goals, as well as the path on how to achieve them through simplified engagement with your website visitors.

      Web Design Phuket

      CU Marketing is a web design agency based in Phuket, Thailand. Founded in 2018, the close nit team have extensive backgrounds in all levels of digital marketing.

      We design and build websites that drive new leads to your company, increase engagement & visibility as well as generate more sales for your company, which is the name of the game.

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