Business Support

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Forget paying monthly fees on services that your business doesn’t use all the time!

You can purchase blocks of hours here that do no expire and then use them any kind of development, management or general support that you or your team needs.

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Over the years of providing a wide range of services to our clients here in Thailand and around the world, there is generally a need for support in different areas of their business than the initial project outlined, or additional tasks are added on a regular basis without the need or cost of hiring a full time employee.

We created the Business Support model to allow our customers the choice of how may hours of support their business needs per week or month, or even per year – these hours do not expire and a single 10 hour block can last 3-4 months for many of our smaller business owners who basically need some on call assistance without the fuss of quoting, invoicing, billing for what might be a 15 minute task.

Tasks or support can include anything related to your business, including:

  • Website management or development
  • Social media setup or content creation
  • Systems administration and process mapping
  • General consulting on tools, apps or marketing options

No matter what your goals or current status of your business, this package of customizable hours is a flexible way for you to tap into knowledge and skills while knowing exactly how long tasks will take and being able to clearly see the costing needs to get the job done right.

If you have any questions prior to purchasing, feel free to get in touch with us anytime

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